Allstate – formerly national general

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Allstate is one of the most popular private health insurance providers in the United States. Use Aspire Insurance Solutions as your Allstate FMO and start selling today!

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Why Allstate?

  • Flexible solutions for medical, accident, critical illness and more.
  • Nationwide PPO networks
  • Cost Effective and A+ rated by the BBB


How do I become contracted to sell Allstate?

To become contracted with Allstate, simply fill out our form. We’ll begin the application process for you. Then, we’ll send the contract invitation directly to your email. Expect a contact from an Aspire team member to collect any other information we may need. 

What is Allstate’s compensation plan?

Allstate’s compensation plan for brokers varies based on the policies sold. To learn more about Allstate’s compensation plan, one of our business managers can be reached via:

-Emailing [email protected]

-Calling us at 913-281-6688

-Completing our contact form

Why should I work with Aspire?

Aspire offers services on a flexible basis, so you can get as little or as much help as you need. We offer the best pricing options, so you can find the right carriers that fit your market. We are committed to helping our clients succeed and believe that every agent/agency has the potential to grow and achieve great things.

I have agents/brokers working under me. Do you have agency options?

Yes! If you have additional agents or brokers that you would like to get contracted with Alstate, then Aspire can make it happen. We will help you set up with the proper contract arrangement.

Can these policies be sold year round?

Yes, you can add Allstate ancillary products at any time during the year. Allstate ACA products can be sold during open enrollment or special enrollment periods.

Broker Support Without Hidden Costs

If you’re looking for a growth partner to help your agency reach its full potential, then Aspire is the right choice for you. Aspire is a growth partner for individual agents and agencies of all sizes. We can help you with everything from strategy and planning to execution and measurement. We can also help you build your team, develop your brand, and find new clients. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.