Answers to some of our frequently asked questions

What carriers or products do you offer?

Aspire has General Agent contracts with all of our carriers and the list of carriers turning to us for their distribution continues to grow. All of our carriers can be found on our carriers page.

Is training available?

We provide constant training on the various products we offer through our FMO channel. We offer in office training, webinars and will soon have hosted video’s on our site for training as well.

How do I get paid, and by whom?

You will be set up to be paid directly by each carrier. Carriers have varying pay schedules with some being weekly while others are monthly.

Do I need to be licensed in the state I sell a product in?

For most carriers, yes; you have to be licensed in the state your write business in. The rare exception would be a non-insurance product not controlled by the state DOI.