About Us


Welcome to Aspire Insurance Solutions, where we empower insurance agents to reach new heights of success. As a premier provider of insurance solutions, we are committed to equipping our agents with the tools they need to excel in the industry. At Aspire, we believe that insurance isn’t just about selling policies, it’s about making a difference in people’s lives. That’s why we offer a range of products that are designed to meet the unique needs of consumers, backed by cutting-edge technology that simplifies the process for agents. And with our specific and intentional training, we make it easier than ever for agents to connect with their clients and build lasting relationships. So whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, Aspire is here to help you achieve your goals and transform the insurance industry.

The “What”


For 30 years the market stayed stagnant. On March 23rd 2010, we witnessed a shift. Our Mission began with the agents who were lost in that phase. Now, we look towards contributing to all agents wishing to adapt.

“We are the balance in an industry full of change”  President Scott Eckley

The “Who”


Scott Eckley


Kansas City has been home for my family and I for almost 30 years.  Most of that time has been spent developing and growing businesses.  In 2010 a series of events led me to the insurance industry where my mindset was forever altered in how to view insurance. Prior to 2010 my experience with insurance was not so great.  As a business owner making health insurance decisions each year fell on my shoulders, and each year this process would turn me into a three-year-old emotionally and intellectually…… I just never understood health insurance!  How ironic it was for me a few short years later to be firmly entrenched in the industry.  Born and raised on a farm in Iowa I was taught early in my life to work tirelessly for your family and those who counted on you.  I have never strayed far from this vital characteristic instilled in me as a young man. My success in sports through college allowed me to hone my highly competitive nature into worthwhile endeavors. Health insurance has become an ever-changing commodity requiring experts to understand the nuances, network access, in and out of network benefits, available RX benefits, etc.  

Luke Eckley

Luke Eckley

Chief Revenue Officer

With 9 years of experience in the health insurance industry, I am passionate about helping agents find success in an ever-changing landscape. My collegiate baseball career taught me invaluable lessons on how to apply hard work and competitiveness to the business world. After earning my MBA in Business Management, I’ve enjoyed consulting with agents on how to develop strategies that will create financial success for their clients, as well as bring novel products to the market. I have a real passion for helping agents find success within what is becoming an increasingly complex industry.

Ryan Smith

Vice President Business Development

I started working at a young age in the restaurant industry. I ended up making a career out of it after taking some advice from a mentor of mine to learn everything I could about every facet of the business, and out work everyone else. Putting this advice to work I learned about people development, operations, training, human resources and so much more. I was part of teams that grew different restaurant concepts over 40 restaurants a year, audited and authored training material, and taught people how to facilitate that training. What I didn’t know was that these experiences coupled with an intense hunger to see people succeed was preparing me for a career in sales and business development. Excelling in building and nurturing long term relationships I owned a consulting firm working with insurance carriers, agencies, and agents helping design and implement growth strategies to grow their bottom line and have great systems to cultivate their own great success. Recognizing opportunities with different companies we have expanded market reach, generated new business growth, and fostered strategic alliances all while delivering exceptional service. Now, being on the team here at Aspire Insurance Solutions we are bringing our keen business acumen to explore untapped markets to help you keep moving forward building a solid foundation like never before.

Ryan Smith

Stephen Losey

Business Relationship Manager

I operate from the basis of turning life wisdom into business success. I come from the school of Hard Work U and understand that greatness lies within all of us.  I have a multifaceted approach to all situations after having been blessed to work for a subsidiary of Fortune 10 Berkshire Hathaway and several other Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola and Core logic along with having been a solo-preneur for over 25 years now.  My background is in real property appraisal, sales, real estate management, feasibility studies, investments, and insurance of all kinds. I have served on the boards for Chamber of Commerce and many other community organizations.  I have been blessed to work alongside many charitable organizations and continues to support them through fund raising efforts. If you don’t catch me in the office it is very likely I’m literally running somewhere around the globe. I am well on my way to completing the Abbot World Major Marathons and have a love for trail running.

Our Path, Your Pinnacle


We educate agents on the essential tools necessary to track daily behaviors. Our agents attain a sharpened sense of potential client etiquette.


We routinely stay ahead of the pack with the newest developments of insurance products. The lessons we provide help them utilize technology to their advantage.


Our combination of services, carriers, technology and systems put agents in the driver’s seat. Our objective is for their autonomy to be sustainable.