Phil Kathol


Previous to my short three years in the health insurance industry, I owned and operated fitness franchises for 16 years.  Out of all yearly decisions, I made about running my business, health insurance was the one decision that put me on the top of the building ready to jump every year.  (Figuratively speaking of course)  I never understood it and in no way could get my arms around it!  I felt like I paid too much and definitely misunderstood my benefits and how they worked.After the 2008 housing bubble and great economic collapse, I eventually found myself out of the career that I greatly loved.  On top of that, the health insurance industry was the last profession I was seeking to make a living.  But after posting my resume on a job board, my phone began to ring.  That’s when The Apollo Group contacted me and I was introduced to a common sense view of health insurance.  This approach quickly removed my anxiety and created an affordable solution with sound benefits for my own family.  This knowledge became the launching pad for my health insurance career. Since then, I have helped train hundreds of agents find practical and affordable solutions for their clients.In the midst of constant health reform and chaos, the need for a calm, objective voice is paramount.  I believe that’s what agents expect from me.

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