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Oscar Health is a provider on the frontier of a premier customer service experience for clients and agents in the United States. Use Aspire Insurance Solutions as your Oscar Health FMO and start selling right away!

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Why Oscar Health?

  • Health insurance plans in 19 states. 
  • The first insurance company built around a full stack technology platform and a relentless focus on serving its members.
  • Oscar was started in 2012 to create a health insurance company that behaves like a doctor in the family.  
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How do I become contracted to sell Oscar Health?

To become contracted with Oscar Health, simply fill out our form. We’ll begin the application process for you. Then, we’ll send the contract invitation directly to your email.

What is Oscar Health’s compensation plan?

Oscar Health’s compensation plan for brokers varies based on the policies sold. To learn more about Oscar Health’s compensation plan, one of our business managers can be reached via:


-Calling us at 913-281-6688

-Completing our contact form

How do I check my contract status?

After requesting your agent contract, we’ll keep you up to date on your contract status, help you sign up for training, and let you know about opportunities that fit you. Start the process by signing up now!

Why should I work with Aspire?

Aspire provides total support for the brokers that contract with us. If you have a question, then we will do whatever it takes to answer it.

Your clients are yours.

Your carrier bonuses are yours.

If you need an Oscar Health FMO, then Aspire Insurance Solutions is the place to be.

Where can I find a provider directory?

You can find an Oscar Health provider directory on Oscar’s website.

I have agents/brokers working under me. Do you have GA/MGA options?

Yes! If you have additional agents or brokers that you would like to get contracted with Oscar Health, then Aspire can make it happen. We will help you set up General Agent/Managing General Agent opportunities.

Do I need to be certified to sell ACA On-Exchange plans?

Yes. To sell On-Exchange health plans through, you have to complete Federally-Facilitated Marketplace Training (FFM) and State-Based Exchange Training (SBE) each year. FFM training can be completed through the CMS Enterprise Portal and SBE training is required through each specific SBE licensed state portal you are licensed in.

Broker Support Without Hidden Costs

With Aspire Insurance Solutions, your clients are YOUR clients. Aspire will give you a complete support network without taking control of your business. You’re in charge; we’re here to assist.

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*The information on this page pertains to hopeful insurance brokers. This is not meant to help individuals apply for an Oscar Health health plan.

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