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The official launch date for UBA (United Business Association) onto MyAspireQuotes.com has been announced! Read the press release below to find out when, or visit myaspirequotes.com to learn more about the platform.

Media inquiries may be directed to the contact information in the press release.


Phone: 415-855-5121

Email: info@apollote.ch

Website: https://myaspirequotes.com

The launch date is slated for June 29th, 2022 across the platform. The UBA products will only be available for agents who are approved on the platform and contracted with United Business Association.

ApolloTe.ch to Launch UBA onto what is already a Health Insurance Platform full of plan options.

KANSAS CITY, MO * The InsurTech team at Apollote.ch is announcing new plan options from UBA onto the MyAspireQuotes health insurance quoting platform.

Some of the new products being added include:

Vision, Dental, Hospital Indemnity, and Gap Coverage (Great for accident prone or people looking for an added layer of coverage), and more!

MyAspireQuotes is a health benefits quoting and enrollment platform built for customer friendliness with a focus on agent support and guidance. The functionality includes a find a doctor tool, the ability to compare private plans with on-exchange plans and short-term benefits, and subsidy calculation.


Apollote.ch is a group of designers, engineers, and industry leaders building the future of insurance technology.

If you would like more information, please contact us at info@apollote.ch

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